ABERG in the News

The members of ABERG are committed to communicating the science done on the transect to the broader community, and have organized participatory visits to the site by artists and authors (Cape Farewell Program), film makers (Amazon Gold), journalists and climate communicators (work appearing in magazines such as Smithsonian, Conde Naste Traveler, among others, and being featured in books such as the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Sixth Extinction), on radio talk shows (The John Bachler Show), TV (Comcast Newsmakers) and keeping public research blogs (upwithclimate.wordpress.com). Below is a selection of the popular science articles that have been written about our work.

Wake Forest News: Remarkable new tree discovered in the Andes

Science Daily: ‘Rule-breaker’ forests in Andes, Amazon revealed by remote spectral sensing

Pulitzer Center: Trees on the Move

San Diego Zoo: Collaborative conservation in the Manu landscape

Mongabay: Will tropical trees survive climate change?

National Geographic: Rain Forest Plants Race to Outrun Global Warming

National Geographic: We’re Living in the Tropics